Ready to Start Learning Spanish?

Our Digital Workbook will help you do that.

This digital workbook will cover the basics of the Spanish language.  The workbook will cover how to introduce yourself and others, talk about what you are doing, and ask basic personal information questions. We’ll talk about the routine, quantities, measurements, and confusing verbs. We will also introduce you to the past and future tense towards the end of the workbook.

This is a self-study digital workbook.  It is written in English with examples and exercises in Spanish.  You will find the answers to the exercises at the end.

One of many tools

The workbook is one of many Spanish learning tools and it needs to be complemented with audio or video like in our Beginner Spanish Course where you’ll get to hear the pronunciation and learn with context.   This workbook should not be the only tool you use to learn Spanish.  You can also use this playlist for beginner students on our YouTube channel and follow our Instagram page.

What type of Spanish?

Spanish is a very rich language. There are 21 countries that use Spanish as an official language and millions of people who speak it. As you can imagine, there are variations in the way people speak from region to region. From accents to words, and expressions.

I am Colombian.  So you will find a more Latin American - Colombian type of Spanish here.  As well as in my Beginner Spanish Course and YouTube videos.

We hope that this digital workbook is useful to you and helps you clarify concepts and confusing subjects about the Spanish language.

Remember this is a digital workbook that you can store and take anywhere on your electronic devices.  If you want a hard copy all you have to do is print it.

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  • Can I get a printed version?

    No, this is a digital workbook in PDF form. We do not offer a printed version.

  • Is this part of the Beginner Spanish Course?

    No, the Beginner Spanish Workbook is not a part of the Beginner Spanish course. You can purchase them together in our Beginner Bundle.

  • Is this a part of the Español En Uso subscription?

    This is not a part of the Español En Uso subscription. This is completely separate.

  • Can’t I learn this for free on YouTube?

    You can probably spend hours looking for free material online. There's lots of that out there, however, it lacks organization and most of the time it will give you the information in bits and pieces just to get views, thumbs-ups, or comments but it won't go to the point of what you need to learn. This course has been created with a strategy in mind. Taking you from the basic information you need and scaling up in difficulty that is appropriate to the level.

  • Can I pay using Paypal?

    Yes. When you checkout you will have the option to pay with your debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

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